Quality Active Filters

Quality Active Filters Features: The Best Solution To Tough Power Quality Problems Caused By Harmonics,Load Unbalance And Reactive Poer Demand. Applications: Commercial IT Parks Data Centers Industries

Outdoor Breaker

Outdoor Breaker Features: Suitable for Capacitors & Reactor Switching High Operational Safety & Restricting Applications: Commercial IT Parks Railways Data Centers Industries

Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) Features: IEC 62271-200/100 Internal Arc Tested For 1 Sec Duration STC Offering Up to 50 KA Closed Door VCB Racking Applications: Power Distribution Solutions For Utility And Industry. Which Cover Highly Demanding Applications,Such As...

Compact Sub-Station (CSS )

Compact Sub-Station (CSS ) Features: CSS-CSS ia A Packaged Product Which Consists Of MV Switchgear,A Transformer And LT Switchgear. It can Be Used As An Alternative Substation,It Saves The Space And Costs Associated With Civil Constructions. It Has Less Maintenance As...

Hybrid Switchgear ( PASS )

Hybrid Switchgear ( PASS ) Features: HYBRID PASS-PASS Combiness All The Typical Fuctions of An Complete AIS Bay For Electrical Substation. Integration of The Renewable Power To The Grid. Mobile And Skid Mounted Substations. Substation Extensions Or Bay Replacements....

Ring Main Unit ( RMU )

Ring Main Unit ( RMU ) Features: RMU-RMU Is A Compact unit Combining All MV Functional Units To Enable Connection,Supply And Protection Of Transformers On An Open Ring Or Radial Networks. SF6 Insulated With VCB Applications: It Is Mainly Used For City Power...

Gas Insulated Switchgear ( GIS )

Gas Insulated Switchgear ( GIS ) Features: GIS-Gas-insulated high-Voltege Switchgear (GIS) Is A Compact Metal Encapsulated Switchgear Consisting Of High-Voltage Components Such As Circuit-Breakers And Disconnectors,Which Can Be Safely Operated In Confined Spaces. GIS...

Dry Type Transformer

Dry Type Transformer Features: Dry Type Transformer Are Generally Used In Buildings And Closed Spaces Because It Does Not Contain Oil And Does Not Need Special Cooling As Opposed To Oil Type Transformers. No Issue Of Oil-Leakage No Fire Hazardous Low Maintenance No...

Quality Active Filters

Quality Active Filters The Best Solution To Tough Power Quality Problems Caused By Harmonics,Load Unbalance And Reactive Power Demand. Active Filters Can Be Applied To Small,Medium Or Large Applications And Are Suitable For Both Industrial And Commercial Installations...

  • Air insulated Switchgear Ranging From 11KV-33KV ( ZS1,ZN1,ZS2 ).
  • Compact Sub Station (CSS) up to 36 KV.
  • Ring Main Unit ( RMU ), Ranging From 11 KV to 33 KV. product Scope Is Safe Ring,Safe Plus And Safe Link.
  • Vind Vacuum circuit Breaker ( 36 KV ).
  • Outdoor Breaker (11kV to 220kV).
  • Hybrid Switch-gear (66kV to 220kV).
  • LV Capacitors.
  • HV Capacitors with associated equipments.
  • GIS Switchgear ( Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 220 KV ).
  • 11 KV Dry Type Transformer.